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16 May

Communiqué de presse Réouverture ASKE

On Saturday, May 28, 2022, Hotel 2 Février launches the reopening of ASKE under its new identity
More than a reopening, it is a new identity that we present ASKE LOUNGE, a privatized space, a VIP
service and a high-end atmosphere. It’s a new concept essentially composed of soft music, drinks and
cocktails selected with care and themed events addressed to a clientele eager to live a luxurious
experience in all intimacy.
On Saturday May 28th at 8pm, ASKE LOUNGE will open its doors for an open evening to let you
appreciate its new shape.
ASKE LOUNGE, the exclusive Lounge of Lomé. Open from Thursday to Sunday from 20h00.

Done in Lomé, on May 16th 2022
Sales Director Hotel 2 Février
Serge Messan


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