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6 Nov

A chef from a lineage of renowned chefs at the helm of Indian cuisine at Hotel 2 Février: Chef Numaan QURESHI and the Indian legends

Opened last year in 2021, “Tandoori”, the new Indian-inspired restaurant space, made its first impressions on the clientele of the Hotel 2 Février. Discovering Indian cuisine in its traditions and the diversity of its flavors was another string that had just been stretched to the gastronomic bow of the cuisine at the Hotel 2 Février. This opening was in keeping with one of the main characteristics of the emblematic hotel: a 5 star hotel whose cuisine is a perfect blend of flavors and tastes from here and elsewhere. The concept has therefore evolved under the eye of the management inspired by the vision of its leader, Anil GHEI and the new director of catering Ahmed SOUMAHORO. After many reviews, the Tandoori became “Les Légendes Indiennes” at the beginning of 2022 and a few months later welcomed a new chef, Numaan QURESHI, who is recognized in India. Coming from a lineage of illustrious chefs, he arrives at the hotel 2 Février with a strong experience and creativity to put into practice. 

QURESHI, but who is this illustrious chef whose descendants are all so remarkable?

Imitiaz Qureshi is an Indian chef and the master chef of ITC HOTELS Responsible Luxury. He is known for creating the culinary brand of Bukhara, a restaurant in The Luxury Collection ITC Maurya Hotel in New Delhi, India. He revived the culinary tradition of Dum Pukht, larhmeen or slow oven cooking, a cooking technique associated with the Indian subcontinent during the Mughal Empire, in which meat and vegetables are cooked over low heat, usually in containers sealed in dough, with a little spice. Imitiaz Qureshi has served several official banquets organized by the Prime Minister and the President of India. An exceptional career as a chef that his descendants take care to honor. 

Numaan QURESHI, presence, charisma, a mastered traditional know-how and a vision of sharing worthy of his origins. Today, he oversees the Indian Legends at the Akwaba Pool Bar and Grill restaurant at the Hotel 2 Février. His impressions: 

  • You come from a line of exceptional chefs, tell us a little about that.

“My family has contributed and helped bring great Indian cuisine to the international stage by collaborating with great hospitality brands. We also have our own family-owned restaurants focusing on Northern Frontier Indian cuisine in different countries.”

  • What does it mean and how do you experience being part of a lineage of recognized chefs? 

“It means a lot to me. I live with pride being part of a lineage of recognized chefs.”

  • How does this impact your kitchen at Hotel 2 Février? How did your career as a chef lead you to Hotel 2 Février? 

“My vision in life is to share the extensive and deep knowledge I inherited from my family in order to promote its recognition on a global level. I felt that 2 Février would be the perfect platform to realize my vision.”

  • What do you think is special about Indian cuisine? 

“It is a very ancient and colorful blend of unique flavors that tickle the taste buds of all of us.”

  • Indian cuisine is not really part of the common habits of the Togolese communities, do you plan to initiate them? If so, how? 

“In my experience, Togolese guests enjoy the taste and spiciness of some of our dishes. I will also mix the flavors according to their taste so that it becomes popular.”

  • How do you manage to put your spin on Indian Legends at the Hotel 2 Février? 

“Right now, I’m focusing on knowing the local taste. I’m trying to identify local ingredients and blend them with Indian flavors.”

  • What do you have to say to Togolese communities who are not yet familiar with Indian cuisine? 

“Try something new that is very popular around the world. I am here to serve you.”

“Indian Legends” the Indian-inspired dining space is open every day from Monday to Sunday from 5:00 pm with a pure Indian menu and a Special Biriyani and Kebab menu starting September 9. Whether you are a lover of good meat or a vegetarian, you will enjoy the cuisine of Chef Numaan QURESHI. 

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